Animated series Trulli Tales soon to be broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada!


After a few years of hard work in the development and production phases, Groupe PVP is proud to announce the imminent broadcast of its animated series Trulli Tales, coproduced with Gaumont Animation (France), Congedo Culturarte, Fandango TV and Rai Fiction (Italy).

Geared towards young children and comprising 52 eleven-minute episodes, Trulli Tales will begin airing from January 6, 2018 on ICI Radio-Canada every Saturday and Sunday morning at 7:15AM. The series will be aired globally on Disney France, Disney UK, Disney Italie, Rai Fiction, Gloob and Knowledge Network.

In addition, a website and a game for mobile devices will be available online from December 20, 2017.

Synopsis: Trulli Tales is a children’s animated series that tells the adventures of four little characters from Trulliland who have been chosen to protect Grandma Trulli’s precious magic cookbook. However, before they can become great Wizard Chefs, Ring, Zip, Stella and Sun must first learn to use their cookery skills as well as their magic powers.

In each of their adventures, they must also try to stop the evil villain Copperpot from getting his hands on the famous magic cookbook.


The documentary film FLY-IN, FLY-OUT will air on Canal D on December 7


Groupe PVP is proud to announce the upcoming broadcast of its documentary Fly-in, fly-out, starting on Thursday December 7 at 8PM on Canal D.

Quebecers have always been attracted to the great outdoors. In fact, it’s at the heart of their greatest achievements. Logging in the forest, log driving through treacherous waters, building enormous dams … The northern lands have provided the means to a better life for generations of workers. The arrival of major construction projects saw towns grow up around the mines. Today, since industries operate with less manpower than before, shift work – also known as fly-in, fly-out – has become the new norm.

This documentary by Éli Laliberté follows the daily grind of workers who have chosen a rather unusual lifestyle. Alternating between endless days of intense work and complete rest, their way of life can have repercussions on family life and relationships, sometimes plunging them into the darkest of times. Upset family dynamics, the inability to deal with unforeseen situations, strained relationships, but also solidarity, community spirit and sacrifices… Fly-in, fly-out explores all facets of this mainly unexplored lifestyle…

The film, which made the official selection for the 9th annual Festival international de cinéma et d’art de Percé (les Percéides), was directed by Gaspesian Éli Laliberté. Sound design originates from a track by the band Dans l’shed, also from the Gaspé Peninsula, and narration was performed by actor, comedian, and author Ghislain Taschereau.


Thursday December 7, 2017 at 8PM


Friday December 8 8 at 1PM, Sunday December 10 at 9PM
Monday December 11 at 1AM, Tuesday December 12 at 9AM.


Vic Pelletier receives tribute award at the 26th Gala de l’excellence hosted by Chambre de commerce de Matane


Last Saturday November 11, Matane’s chamber of commerce hosted its 26th Gala de l’excellence COGECO. Organized every other year, this awards ceremony celebrates entrepreneurs in the region and rewards innovative companies that have made a name for themselves in Matanie and beyond. This year, Vic Pelletier, founder of Groupe PVP, received the prestigious award « Prix hommage à un bâtisseur ».

Fascinated by film-making, Vic Pelletier has been working in the documentary field since 1976. President of Groupe PVP since 1985 (formerly Les productions Vic Pelletier), he earned a reputation through fascinating series and documentary films, many of which explore the Great North. Over the years, he has acquired a rich experience in the television industry, both nationally and internationally. Today, Groupe PVP continues to produce documentaries, but it has expanded its field of expertise in animation, fiction, digital media and information technology.

Keen for his company to stay in its remote location despite the challenges involved, Vic Pelletier is considered by all that know him to be a model of perseverance and courage who proved that companies in remote regions can also enjoy international success.