Histoires Oubliées

Histoires Oubliées


Documentary series

As the title suggests, this series aims to bring back to life events or characters that we generally do not read about in history books. There can be no doubt that the events and individuals who influenced the spirit of the age should be engraved on the memory of those who inherit it.

This new Pan-Canadian series, Histoires Oubliées, recounts anecdotes and the lives of public figures from the four corners of the Earth.

Take a step back into the past to discover, amongst other things, the Escuminac Disaster, boxer Yvon Durelle, Polish immigrants in Beauce, as well as many other tales which might otherwise have been forgotten.

Histoires Oubliées


20 X 26 minutes 62 X 30 minutes




Jean Bourbonnais, Robert Tremblay, Luc Cyr, Jean-François Bouchard, Paul Lapointe, Jean Guénette, Guillaume Lévesque, Paul Lapointe, Christine [...]




Les Jardins de Métis, Köning, le marin oublié, La malédiction de Crippen, La mémoire des lieux, Le ponchon des îles, La prohibition au Québec, Les [...]

Digital Media

The Histoires Oubliées site groups together the whole 5 series of the documentary series produced by Groupe PVP. Forming a virtual encyclopedia, thanks to the quantity and variety of subjects covered, the site offers access to a range of resources supplementing the program’s 82 themes. Texts, photos, and video extracts are online for those who want to learn more. This site is the first production from Groupe PVP to receive funding from Telefilm Canada- New Media Fund.

Histoires Oubliées

Interactive television

As well as the convergence website created to extend the documentary series Histoires Oubliées , the New Media Department has made sites for interactive television.

These illico sites give users access to interactive content, whilst being able to watch the program in a new window.

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