Les obus de Chérisy

Les obus de Chérisy



Les obus de Chérisy is a film that plunges us into the midst of a battle in which blood was shed for every inch of terrain won. The battle of Chérisy, in Pas-de-Calais, France, almost decimated the 22nd regiment, largely composed of soldiers from Quebec.

In the words of military historian Carl Pépin, it was the worst defeat since that of the Plains of Abraham. A defeat we did all we could to forget, when it should have served as a reminder of the fallen soldiers’ courage and bravery for generations to come.

We will take one of the Chérisy heroes’ sons back to the battlefield. We will visit the cemetery where most of the victims of this carnage were laid to rest. We will discover the spots where they took cover when the bombs rained down on them. We will explore the underground city in Arras, where our troops sought refuge before launching their assault. We follow the bomb disposal squads who risk their lives to destroy live bombs scattered across the site of the battlefield.

This film seeks bring a long forgotten battle back to life in order to redress injustice.

Les obus de Chérisy


1 X 60 minutes




Robert Tremblay

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