L'histoire dans la peau

L'histoire dans la peau


Documentary series

L’histoire dans la peau reveals the burning passion some people have for notable historical events. From all walks of life, these history buffs only have one thing in mind when their workday is drawing to a close – getting ready to epitomize a specific character during a historical re-enactment.

When it comes to realistically reenacting a historical event, those creating a “second life” leave nothing to chance. They are prepared to spend a fortune on equipment and devote every waking moment to skillfully preparing their character. In fact, simply putting on a costume doesn’t cut it… they have to fully immerse themselves in the given era, mirroring the habits, gestures and even the language!

The documentary series L’histoire dans la peau invites the public to relive some of the most important moments in history through the eyes of ordinary people, including the the Battle of Hastings, the Normandy Landings, and parts of the American Civil War. Let these re-enactment experts guide you on a journey back in time.


10 X 30 minutes


TV5, Toute l’Histoire Groupe AB


Guillaume Lévesque, Martin Fournier, Nicolas Lévesque, Robert tremblay, Pascal Carron, Frédéric Réau


Terranoa, Ciné-Fête

Digital Media

Online you can access a captivating interactive video from the documentary series L’histoire dans la peau, where internet users can re-live the key moments of the legendary Normandy Landing, re-enacted on the banks of Lake Erie, in Ohio. As some re-enactors wore GoPro cameras, internet users can watch the re-enactment through the eyes of both Allied and Axis soldiers. Internet users can also access quizzes, surveys, photo galleries and infographics on the subject of the Normandy Landing on TV5’s L’Histoire dans la peau website.

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