Secrets of the depths

Documentary series


Canada is covered with expanses of water, many of which have been subject to significant human activity both on- and off-shore. Canada’s coastline, lakes and rivers have borne witness to the country’s past and have been the location of many tragedies, including shipwrecks, airplane crashes, treasures that have been purposefully thrown into the depths, and entire villages that have been sucked under. Remnants of our country’s past lie in wait deep below, waiting to be revealed to the world.

The formidable duo Mario Cyr (experienced diver, adventurer and explorer) and Samuel Côté (historian and shipwreck hunter) are on a mission to reveal what lurks in the depths. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and aided by a fantastic crew, they track down documented secrets that have not necessarily been located to reveal the treasures hiding deep below — remnants of ships, airplanes, artefacts and human remains. Secrets des profondeurs is an exciting and compelling documentary series that reveals many of the long-forgotten secrets of our country.


23 X 30 minutes


Unis TV


Vincent Leroux


Samuel Côté


Guillaume Lévesque, Éli Laliberté et Jean-Pascal Morneau


Samuel Coté and Mario Cyr