24 heures : Danger!

24 heures : Danger!

Documentary series

Minesweepers, fishermen, volcanologists, bouncers or tornado hunters, dangerous jobs are as varied as they are impressive.

What pushes these men and women to trade their reassuring briefcase for jobs where the slightest mistake could have dire consequences? Aren’t they afraid of anything? What are their families’ worries or fears? And above all, what makes their work so exciting and worth all the risks?

By exploring the daily lives of people with dangerous jobs, the series 24 heures : danger! promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Each episode presents two fascinating and lively individuals whose professional lives are far from routine or mundane. United by a common theme, they confront danger or put their lives at risk on a daily basis.

24 heures : Danger!


10 x 60 minutes


Martin Fournier, Yanie-Dupont Hébert, Rémi Meloche, Pascal Carron, Robert Tremblay, Sylvain Braun


TV5 Québec, Voyages, RMC Découvertes


Gédéon Programmes

Digital Media

The 24 heures : danger!website is based on the series of the same name. This entertaining and informative platform offers immersive activities in which visitors can experience the daily lives of people with dangerous jobs. The site also offers statistics about the jobs, as well as additional information, video clips and interviews.

24 heures : Danger!

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