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Jack is a small alien who finds everything on Earth fascinating. Spurred on by his insatiable need to learn about creatures and phenomena from Earth and outer space, Jack boldly yet recklessly guides his alien friends through some tricky adventures. While on Earth, he makes some new friends, Niko, Yoki and Sam, who go to great lengths to keep Jack and his various schemes a secret. Along the way, they also begin to realise just how fascinating Earth and outer space can be!

The animated series Jack is aimed at 6 to 11 year olds. It combines humour, adventure and science to help children learn a range of topics by following the exciting adventures of their extra-terrestrial hero.


78 X 11 minutes


ici.radio-canada, TVO, Knowledge Network


Ciné Fête, Sparky Animation, Enjoy


Sparky Animation


Steven Majaury


Why doesn’t it hurt when I cut my hair?
What is a meteor shower?
Why are dinos extinct?
How does a magnet work?
Is a Black hole really black?
What are hiccups?
Are Saturn’s Rings solid?
What is an Iceberg?
What is the Food Chain?
Why do I have ear wax?
Why does my tummy make noises?
What’s it like in the Eye of a Tornado?
How do Sharks Hunt?
Why don’t spiders get stuck in their webs?
How do Bats navigate in the dark?
How do Flies eat?
How do Ants communicate?
Why are there so many different types of dogs?
How do our bodies fight infection?
How do things float?
Why do fireflies glow?
What is a Cavity?
What is Gravity?
How does smoke affect Bees?
Why do some plants eat insects?
Where does snow come from?
What lives at the bottom of the ocean?
What is a Mirage?
Why do skunks stink?
Do cold-blooded creatures really have cold blood?
What are the effects of altitude on climbers?
How does a GPS work?
What is sleepwalking?
What is a rainbow?
What if we could see other types of light?
What are Comets?
How Drastic Climate Change affects the Eco-System?
How Does a Remote Work?
Why does Poison Ivy itch?
What’s the Most Dangerous Creature in the World?
Why does a Volcano Erupt?
What is a Hallucination?
How does an Eye see?
What is Motion Sickness?
What is Acid Rain?
What causes Earthquakes?
Are Jellyfish Dangerous?
How much Electricity does an Electric Eel have?
Which Animal has the Strongest Bite?
How Does Glue Stick Things Together?
Why do you get a Sunburn?
How does water from the ocean get turned into rain?




In the Jack mobile and tablet app, the player helps Jack train Rocket, his cute alien dog, so he can become a Super Explorer Dog. By using various touch controls and device manipulations, the player helps Rocket perform a variety of cool skills, such as the Super Jump, Upside Down Walking, the Super Flair, Tongue Stretching, Supersonic Hearing and Air Acrobatics.

During the game, the young player can collect mini-chips and trade them to obtain various accessories for Rocket or to customize his avatar in the Jack web-based game. This wonderful game combines colorful graphics, original game mechanics and an adorably funny character!

Main features:

  • 36 levels to complete
  • 6 different skills to master
  • 3 different worlds to discover
  • 6 super events combining 2 skills
  • Original and fun game mechanics
  • A funny and endearing character
  • Attractive and colorful graphics



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Based on the animated series of the same name, Jack’s adventures continue online with a high-colour website! Intended for fans of the series, this virtual component lets them take part in exploration missions both on Earth and on unfamiliar planets.

After choosing an avatar, players can step inside Jack’s world and experience the incredible adventures of their favourite hero. They will also become real explorers and will be rewarded with virtual stickers! As they play, they will learn all about the different environments around them. Each mission that the players take on gives them the opportunity to analyse and understand fascinating scientific phenomena. As they play, they will improve their observational and analytical skills, their logic and their thirst for knowledge.

Who’s ready to become a space explorer, then?


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