Personnalités - Lumière sur...

Personnalités - Lumière sur...


Documentary series

The series Personnalités (or Lumière sur...) explores the lives of men and women whose careers have been followed for decades. The series meets talented artists, many of whom are still actively involved in their work and creations to this day. With the camera rolling, these passionate individuals share their memories, their joy, their sorrows, their success and their regrets with us.

Featuring Michel Louvain, Béatrice Picard, Gilles Latulippe, Edgar Fruitier, France Castel and Paul Buissonneau, this series will make you feel nostalgic or perhaps offer you some surprises.

Personnalités - Lumière sur...


94 X 52 minutes


ICI Radio-Canada, RDI, ARTV


Martine Breuillaud, Pierre Séguin, Martin Fournier, Manuel Foglia, Guillaume Lévesque, Yanie Dupont-Hébert, Pascal [...]




Janine Sutto, Clémence Desrochers, Michel Tremblay, Gilles Latulippe, Lucille Dumont, Béatrice Picard, Gilles Vigneault, Raymond Lévesque, Gilles [...]

Digital Media

The companion website to the series Personnalités (or Lumière sur...) offers biographies, video footage, clips from interviews and a long list of the achievements and distinctions of the personalities who feature in the documentary series. Singers, actors, comedians, directors, presenters… We will revisit the lives of a whole host of artists who marked Quebec.

The site also contains an interactive activity which consists of discovering links between key moments, television appearances and events that marked these personalities’ careers, as well as several little games loaded with information and archives.

Awards & Distinctions


Louise Latraverse, livre et moderne – Présentation officielle

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