Quand l'amour rend aveugle


Documentary series

It is said that love is blind. So blind that all too many people, women in particular, are swindled when they fall in love. The loss can be financial, material, emotional, or everything at once. When they fall head over heels in love, some lovebirds find it anti-romantic to protect themselves, sign papers or prepare for the worst when they are living the dream. But sometimes, the fairytale can turn into a horror story...

Quand l’amour rend aveugle is a TV series that presents some cruelly sensational love stories. Aside from the remarkable tales, each episode aims to inform the public about having our rights respected when we’re in love, a crucial part of our lives that hasn’t yet been explored by television. Providing entertainment and education in equal measure, this TV series will enchant TV viewers.

Quand l'amour rend aveugle


17 X 30 minutes


Karina Marceau, Geneviève Tremblay, Nicolas Lévesque, Amélie Dussault. Réalisateur des reconstitutions dramatiques : Jean Bourbonnais


Canal Vie

Digital Media

The Quand l’amour rend aveugle website caters to the general public and features serious, researched content, presented in a light-hearted and entertaining manner. On the website visitors can explore various topics (fraud, psychological violence, luring, to name a few) and discover the potentially alarming behaviour they should be on the look out for, as well as how to flush out and foil predators. The website also boasts an interactive and entertaining activity where visitors read several far-fetched stories and have to guess which are true and which are false.

Quand l'amour rend aveugle

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