The Great Flop



According to research, more than one third of 18-25-year-old males suffer from erectile dysfunction due to an excessive consumption of pornography. Worse still, a Canadian paper published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2014 revealed that 53.5% of teenagers were already displaying signs of sexual disorders.

With the dawn of the internet came unprecedented access to sex, making pornography one of the most profitable industries on the planet. A third of men consume porn daily, having first accessed it at a very young and tender age.

This documentary explores the unrealistic standards that are often shown in pornography, and which, as a consequence, many young people feel they need to live up to. Performers, penis size, God-like sculpted bodies, never-ending erections and more — these “norms” of porn are wreaking having with young people and causing sexual disorders galore.

Porn isn’t real life, it’s a movie! Some see it as a form of art, others as entertainment, but let’s not forget that like with any other movie, the actors are chosen for their particular skills (or endowment) and the finished product is heavily edited. Fiction, pure and simple! Young people comparing themselves to what they see on screen causes just as much pain and suffering as it does short-lived pleasure.

The Great Flop is a lighthearted-yet-serious documentary film. It doesn’t set out to condemn pornography, simply set the record straight and remind people that in the real world, you don’t need an exceptionally large penis to enjoy your sex life!


1 x 52 min


Karina Marceau


ICI Radio-Canada, RDI

1 877 320-2040