Y’a pas de vie sans conflits

August 24, 2022

Y’a pas de vie sans conflits

Whether it’s between friends, family, neighbours, coworkers or spouses, conflict is a part of life. To kick off ICI Première’s new rich, insightful and vibrant programming, PVP MEDIA is proud to present Y’a pas de vie sans conflits, an all-new five-episode special radio series from August 29 to September 2. Through first-hand testimonials and conversations with experts (psychologists, mediators, arbitrators, judges, etc.), this series follows journalist Karina Marceau and artist-mediator Martin Léon as they explore conflict, giving listeners insight into how conflicts arise, how to avoid them, how to resolve them, how to escape their devastating fallout, and even how to grow in the face of strife.


Episode 1 (Monday, August 29): What is conflict?

What is conflict, what causes it, and why does it sometimes take control of our lives? In this episode, Karina and Martin speak with a separated couple, a mother, and various experts to answer these burning questions.


Episode 2 (Tuesday, August 30): Let’s talk about it

In many cases, simply talking about a conflict can help resolve it. This second episode focuses on the importance of dialogue, the struggle to express our needs despite our pain, and the risks of not saying anything at all, which is often at the root of many conflicts. Karina and Martin speak with a father and daughter, a foster mother, and various experts on how to establish healthy communication in personal relationships.


Episode 3 (Wednesday, August 31): When conflict enters the workplace

Quarrels that drag on, pent-up frustration, excessive workloads, unclear expectations, tyrannical bosses or laissez-faire management—conflict can take shape in different ways at work. In this episode, Karina and Martin step away from personal arguments and focus on workplace strife. As they explore this topic, they’ll speak with the management team at Demers Ambulances, a company that has dealt with managing crisis, and with experts about how conflict arises at work and how mediation can help resolve it.


Episode 4 (Thursday, September 1): When conflict escalates

No one likes conflict, especially when it spirals out of control. In this episode, Karina and Martin take a closer look at how conflict can take a nasty turn and become heated, violent, deadly, irreconcilable, and even global. As they explore how conflict escalates, they’ll speak with a Sûreté du Québec hostage negotiator, meet with the musician beaten by Agent 728, and look to the past to determine whether the way we handle global conflict has improved.


Episode 5 (Friday, September 2): Reconciliation is possible

While it can be hard to forgive and forget, let go of grudges, and swallow your pride, reconciliation is possible. In this final episode, Karina and Martin hear from individuals who were able to put aside their differences as well as talk to conflict resolution experts about how to forgive, find inner peace, and live in harmony with others.