Groupe PVP at FIFA 2014!

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Groupe PVP was very proud to hear that the film Le cri d’Armand Vaillancourt, directed by Jacques Bouffard, will compete in the 2014 International Festival of Films on Art. What’s more, the documentary Louise Latraverse, libre et moderne, produced as part of the Biographie – Personnalités series, has been picked by the FIFA selection committee. It will be presented in the HORIZONS section at the 32nd edition of this event, which will take place in Montréal from 20th to 30th March, 2014.


Les Survivantes

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Family tragedies occur every year in Quebec. After the media hype has ended, these harrowing stories are all too often forgotten, but for the parents who have survived the ordeal, a long struggle ensues.

The two directors of the documentary Les Survivantes, Karina Marceau and Éli Laliberté, were approached by a group of women who decided to come together in their fight for change. Six women who survived the agony of losing their children to filicide, within the context of domestic violence, speak out and demand changes to the law to support them during their bereavement.

On Sunday December 1, three of these women appeared on the talk show Tout le monde en parle to share their stories and speak about the documentary project. The next day, on
December 2, the documentary was broadcast on Télé-Québec.

The documentary prompted a string of reactions, especially from various journalists. Here are a few links to recent articles on this topic:

“Survivre au pire du pire”, Hugo Dumas :

“Le cri du cœur de six survivantes”, Richard Therrien :


Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala

Gala Chambre de commerce

Last Saturday, our company shone at the Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala in the region of Matane, taking home three of the most coveted awards! In fact, Groupe PVP came away with the Innovation Trophy, the prize for Jury’s Favorite and the prestigious Business of the Year Award.

Vic Pelletier

Founder of the company Vic Pelletier said he was pleasantly surprised to earn regional countries. Vincent Leroux, Producer and Vice President of Finance, put the company’s recognition since many of the company’s productions are associated with foreign success down to its team of around 80 employees and stated that the quality of its products have inspired Groupe PVP to branch out even further into international markets.

Employees of Groupe PVP who attended the gala were touched by the warm welcome and sense of pride among Matane’s locals. They are on a mission to keep moving forward!



A cutting-edge webcasting project

En diffusionThis week, Groupe PVP and the CLD de la Matanie launched an original and cutting-edge concept. They have worked together to create a new turnkey solution that offers companies and organizations online event coverage services. This new system gives companies the opportunity to remove the constraints of distance and optimize communications with partners and clients spread across the globe in a quick and efficient manner.

The solution specifically consists of a webcasting rental package. It contains a camera, a computer, wireless microphones and lighting, as well as a control switch that allows the user to choose between the camera and a presentation on the computer and that can be connected to the Internet via a wired or wireless network. This quick, reliable and easy to use package will limit the risk of technical glitches.

The package can be hired at a very affordable price from the website by simply reserving and making an online payment. This system provides outstanding picture and sound quality. The conferences can be viewed online using computers, smartphones or tablets. It is also possible to chat to the event moderator during the event’s broadcast.

Share the good news with your company and optimize communication with your partners!


Summer Crisis: red carpet and champagne in Matane

On September 10, in true Cannes style, Matane rolled out the red carpet and cracked open the bubbly. What was the special occasion?

It was for an exclusive invite-only advanced premiere of Summer Crisis (original title: La Maison du Pêcheur). Over 135 people excitedly gathered at Cinéma Gaieté for the special advanced screening of the film. Feature film screenwriter Jacques Bérubé accepted a series of interviews with attending journalists. Then it was time to put down put down our glasses and make our way to the two screens that had been especially reserved for the occasion.
Ceremony organizer Mylaine Côté, who had worked hard to make this event a success, was the first to give a speech. Mylaine presented each key figure at the event, starting with town mayor Claude Canuel, followed by Jacques Bérubé, Hélène Gagné, general manager of the CLD de la Matanie, Vic Pelletier and Vincent Leroux. After a warm applause, the speakers left the stage, the lights were dimmed and the film was launched. 97 minutes of emotion, history and memories later, the end credits rolled to the movie’s theme song, Une vague de fond, by Richard Séguin. Once the credits had ended, the creators of Summer Crisis received a standing ovation from the public by way of thanks and congratulations.

The next day, positive comments flooded in on social networking sites. Here is a selection:

Pierre Morel, journalist, L’Avantage gaspésien : « This account proves to us that we were lived through the Grande Noirceur – Quebec’s Great Darkness – and we were colonized… »

Jean-François Fortin, federal minister, Haute-Gaspésie-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia (Bloc Québécois) : « Red carpet in Matane for the launch of Summer Crisis: simply exceptional, poignant and authentic. A striking period in Quebec’s history! »

Marie-Claude Soucy, migration agent, Places aux jeunes en région (Matane) : « I had a FANTASTIC evening yesterday with Groupe PVP at Cinéma Gaieté for the advanced premiere of Summer Crisis. Honestly, I really liked the historic story, an important page in Quebec’s history that happened right here in Gaspesie. Well done to Jacques Bérubé for the touching and effective screenwriting.  Well done to Alain Chartrand for directing (and I liked the black and white). Well done to all the actors, but particularly to those who played Bernard Lortie and Paul Rose. They were spot on… »

Anne Bernier, Recruitment and Communications Services, Cégep de Matane : « I just got back from Matane’s premiere of Summer Crisis, produced by Groupe PVP. The team should be proud of themselves; this production began many years ago and has reached a successful conclusion. Well done!!! »

We hope reading these few lines has made you want to go and buy tickets for the film’s release on September 13. Are you still reading this? Well, what are you waiting for? Go and get your tickets!


The Latest on Summer Crisis

La Maison du Pêcheur

On June 18, La Presse revealed the trailer of the film Summer Crisis (original title: La Maison du Pêcheur).  Many people are counting down the days until the movie’s release on September 13 2013. Last week we also showed you the official movie poster. Today, we are giving you the opportunity to listen to the theme song of the movie online and download it for free.

What do you think? Mark it in your diaries: the world premiere of Alain Chartrand’s film will be held on August 26 at the Montreal World Film Festival. As we know the wait is unbearable and you would like to have a taste of what’s to come, we’re inviting you to like our official Facebook page:

On this page, you will find all sorts of interesting information related to the film in the run-up to its release, links to articles, the trailer and photographs from the past. So, will you be able to wait until September?


Groupe PVP at the 2013 Gémeaux Awards

La vie nous arrive

A little reminder: the list of finalists for the 28th edition of the Gémeaux Awards 2013 was revealed in June. We were doubly delighted to find out tha t:

  • The documentary series Objectif Nord received a nomination for the « Best Documentary Series » category.
  • Our directors: Yanie Dupont-Hébert, Marie-Catherine Genest and Rafaël Ouellet were nominated in the « Best Direction: Public Affairs, Documentary Series » for the series La vie nous arrive.

This is great news for our team! Please note that the award winners will be announced in September 2013.

Coincidentally, a rerun of the TV series La vie nous arrive is currently being broadcast on Télé-Québec, from June 18 until September 5. You can watch an introduction to the series, presented by Daniel Boucher, here :


Launch of the tourism mobile application for the MRC de la Matanie


On June 17, Groupe PVP launched a new tourism mobile application that it had created for the MRC de la Matanie.  This new tool lets users plan their trips by viewing themed routes and organizing a guided tour, whether they are travelling alone, as a couple, as a family or with friends.  Users can also download all the content from the application so they can access it without an Internet connection.

The official mobile app was produced by Groupe PVP in partnership with the CLD de la Matanie, the MRC de la Matanie and the Ville de Matane. According to Mrs Hélène Gagné, « the launch of the mobile application will help to promote and enhance the region as well as improving its tourism appeal ».

This project was made possible thanks to the collaborative efforts of Groupe PVP’s multi-skilled team. Programmers, computer graphics designers, integrators, cameramen, editors, sound recordists, mixers and writers worked together to create an application that would appeal to a range of users.

The app is compatible with tablets and Apple or Android phones and can be downloaded for free from the site


Another Award for Jack the Explorer!

I Won A New Award?



When we heard the good news, a particular song sprang to mind and we had to tell you about it right away !

In all modesty, we are very happy share the news with you. For the third time, our animated series Jack the Explorer has won an award. This time, it’s a prestigious Award of Excellence for Best Television Program, Animation Category, at the 2013 Youth Media Alliance Gala.

For the record, the Youth Media Alliance (YMA) celebrates and recognizes Canada’s best English-speaking and French-speaking productions each year by granting awards of excellence to quality television and digital content.

On 16th September 2012, our team took home a Gémeaux Award in the “Best Digital Project for a Youth Series or Program” category for the Jack the Explorer website. Earlier that year, the same website won a Numix Award in the “Convergence Production: Youth” category.

As for the series, it also received nominations at the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards for “Best Animated Program or Series” and at the 2012 Gémeaux Awards for “Best Animated Program or Series”. What an adventure for our little alien!

While we’re on the subject, if you didn’t get the chance to watch Jack’s adventures, we’re pleased to inform you that repeats of the series are currently being aired on Radio-Canada, at 6:45 am every day.

Congratulations to the outstanding team at Groupe PVP for winning yet another impressive award for Jack!


Groupe PVP prepares for a busy summer on set!

Crédit photo : Patrick Bouchard

Summer is fast approaching in Matane. It’s out with the cold and in with beach bonfires with friends and the sweet smell of BBQ! And at Groupe PVP, we have an action-packed summer in store! Filming is scheduled to take place across Canada, the United States and even France. Did you get the chance to watch the first season of Oceania that was broadcast on Explora? If you missed it, don’t panic! We are in the middle of filming the second season with comedian, scientist and oceanographer Boucar Diouf.

As announced in the previous article, we have also started shooting the second season of Secouristes de l’extrême.

In mid-July, RDI will present the final episode in the second season of Biographie personnalité. Filming for the third season is expected to get underway soon.

This year, Karina Marceau and Éli Laliberté are exploring the theme of infanticides.  To learn more about this project, follow us. The filming of Survivantes will take place this summer.

As for the series Parent un jour, parent toujours II (link to the series), filming will come to an end this summer and production for a third season will begin.

Finally, we have a scoop for you: We’re currently working with the CRÉ Bas-Saint-Laurent (a regional councillors’ committee) on a corporate project promoting the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. Filming will go ahead this summer.

As you may have noticed, business is booming for Groupe PVP this summer!