Cube Noir receives Numix Award  

Cube Noir receives Numix Award

Two thousand and nineteen was a hectic year for the Groupe PVP subsidiary Cube Noir, and we’re pleased to announce that they have been rewarded for their unwavering hard work! In June, the team was presented with none other than a prestigious Numix Award in the “Youth and Family Games” category for its construction-management game Tom’s Patrol, which was created as a component of the Groupe PVP-Cyber Group Studios co-production Tom Sawyer.

Created in 2010, each year the Numix Awards Gala brings together over 500 digital creators from across Quebec. Due to the current global pandemic, the 11th edition of the Numix Awards was held virtually for the first time. The Gala was presented in four parts on June 15–18 live on Facebook.

Cube Noir and Groupe PVP’s creators are still riding high after their win and are extremely proud of their accomplishment. This level of recognition is now driving the team as they take on new projects for 2020!

Tom’s Patrol synopsis: The inhabitants of a riverside village have been robbed, and the sheriff thinks you did it. Joe, the real thief, has carefully hidden his loot around the village. Your mission: bring Tom’s gang together, don’t get caught, build treehouses so you can see right across the village, and lead your friends on a quest to return the hidden objects to their rightful owners.


A film by Groupe PVP to be screened at the Festival Les Percéides


Groupe PVP is proud to announce that the documentary Florent Vollant, faiseur de Makusham, directed by Éli Laliberté, will have its world premiere at the 11th cinema festival Les Percéides in Percé, on the Gaspé Peninsula, from August 15 to 25.

The film, which has a running time of just under the hour, recounts the life trajectory of Innu singer-songwriter-composer Florent Vollant. Being born into an indigenous group in Canada is an intrinsically political matter and Florent Vollant’s life bears testimony to this. He tells us about his childhood at an Indian residential school in Maliotenam, and his rage-fuelled departure, by which point music had become his salvation and a major part of his life. From his success with the band Kashtin to his fully-fledged solo career, the documentary explores the life of a man who has always been willing to defend his culture and pass on his passion to young indigenous musicians.

From a Gaspesian director who has long nurtured a special bond with indigenous communities, this documentary provides viewers with an opportunity to become aware of the recent history of indigenous peoples. The film will air on Radio-Canada (RDI) at a later date in the series Grands reportages – personnalités.


Groupe PVP and its subsidiary Cube Noir Innovation earn six nominations at the 34th Gémeaux Awards Gala!


We are delighted to announce that we have received six nominations at the 34th edition of the Gémeaux Awards!

Firstly, Photographes-voyageurs has been nominated for Best Arts and Culture Documentary Series. This series was coproduced with Lato Sensu, in France.

Éli Laliberté also received a nomination for Best Direction of an Arts and Culture Documentary Series for the same project.

The director Karina Marceau has been nominated for Best Direction of a Society, History and Politics Documentary for her feature-length documentary I speak Français.

For the same documentary, Christina Lamarre has been nominated for Best Graphic Design: All Categories.

Lastly, PVP’s digital branch Cube Noir Innovation received two nominations. The first is for the documentary series Des bateaux et des hommes, which is up for Best Digital Component and the second is for the series Que mangera-t-on demain, nominated in the same category, produced by Nova Média.

Here are the links to the two websites up for nomination:

Well done to everyone involved in the making of these marvellous projects!


A busy year in store for Group PVP!

2019 looks set to be a very productive year for Groupe PVP. Several productions are already being aired, whilst others are in the process of being filmed, soon to be aired or in development.


The coproduction Des bateaux et des Hommes, broadcast every Tuesday at 9PM on TV5, takes viewers on a journey to meet individuals and communities whose boats are an extension of their lives. They need these boats to go to school, trade, receive medical aid, break away from isolation or simply for life’s daily grind… Coproduced with Gedeon Programmes and Docland Yard, this series travels across the world.


Photographes Voyageurs is a documentary series coproduced with Lato Sensu and broadcast on ICI Explora, every Monday at 9PM. It follows five renowned photographers on assignment as they nurture unique and powerful relationships with a variety of indigenous communities around the world.

Les indiens des cimes_Perou_Qeros5

Mystères des lacs, a documentary series directed by Samuel Côté, reveals the secrets lurking in the depths of Quebec’s lakes.  With his team of co-workers and a remote-controlled underwater vehicle, Samuel goes into detective mode and sheds light on tales from the past. Broadcast on the TELUS channel MaCommunauté.

2019-01-25 (2)


From February 1, an eighth season of Personnalités will be broadcast on ICI RDI’s Grands Reportages, every Friday at 8PM. We will meet passionate and endearing people who have left their mark on Quebec culture, including Michel Rivard, Guy Mongrain, Michèle Deslauriers, Liza Frulla and many others.

The documentary film I speak français will air on Télé-Québec on March 20. It presents the younger generation’s stance on the preserving their mother tongue, the French language.


An exhilarating documentary series is currently being filmed around the world. Urgences features hard-pressed emergency teams in the thick of the action at major events in some of the world’s greatest cities. Eight 60-minute episodes will be broadcast on TV5.


Several other projects are in development or production phase. One of them probes La Canadienne, a ship that disappeared in the middle of the Saint-Lawrence Gulf many years ago. Other projects address the themes of male identity today in Quebec, falling in love in rural regions, losing a spouse and long-term physical rehabilitation following a serious accident.

Exciting projects not to be missed in 2019!


Groupe PVP wins the Gémeaux Award for Best Animated Series!


Groupe PVP was extremely proud to take home the statuette for best animated series for its youth series Trulli Tales, at the 33rd Gémeaux Awards Gala which was held on Sunday 16th September.

Trulli Tales is an international coproduction produced with Fandango TV, Congedo Culturarte, Gaumont Animation and Rai Fiction. This animated series, broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada, presents four little characters who attend cooking and magic classes to become great Wizard Chefs.

Well done to François Trudel, vice-president and producer for Groupe PVP’s animation department, as well as all those who contributed to this truly global series!

On the photo from left to right: Nicolas Atlan (Gaumont Animation), Annie Rioux, François Trudel and Marie-Ève Grisé-Blais (Groupe PVP)

To access the episodes, games and extras, follow this link:


Three nominations for Groupe PVP at the 33rd Gémeaux Awards Gala!


Matane, June 15, 2018 – Groupe PVP is pleased to announce that three of its productions are finalists in two categories of the 33rd Gémeaux Awards Gala.

Animated series Belle and Sebastian and Trulli Tales are both finalists in the « Best Animated Program or Series » category.  The game Belle and Sebastian, a spinoff from the animated series, is also a finalist in the category of Best Children’s Digital Component for a Youth Program or Series.

Coproduced by Gaumont Animation and Groupe PVP, the animated series Belle and Sebastian features the famous duo who have won the hearts of millions of children worldwide: Sebastian, a young orphan living in the Alps, and Belle, a huge white Great Pyrenees. Proving that friendship can move mountains, these two inseparable friends set off together on a series of fantastic adventures across the spectacular landscapes of the Alps.

The second nomination goes to the colorful animated series for kids Trulli Tales, produced by Fandango TV, Congedo Culturarte, Gaumont Animation, Rai Fiction and Groupe PVP. It tells the adventures of four little characters who take cooking classes at the kingdom’s famous school of magic and cooking.

Finally, the last nomination is for the game Belle and Sebastian, a by-product of the animated series. Produced by Groupe PVP, the game lets children take part in Belle and Sebastian’s expeditions against the enchanting backdrop of the Alps and the lively village of Saint-Martin. It is available in a Web or mobile version.

We would like to acknowledge the excellent work carried out by all of the team at Groupe PVP and we wish all finalists the best of luck!

To find out more about these productions:


L’Empire de l’or rouge wins first prize at Festival du Film Vert in Switzerland


We were delighted to hear that our documentary L’Empire de l’or rouge, coproduced with France, unanimously won the 2018 Prix Tournesol (Sunflower Documentary Award) at Festival du Film Vert in Switzerland. This accolade saw the film screened in twenty-plus theaters in Switzerland and France as part of the festival, as well as being granted a place in the San Fransisco Green Film Festival.

Festival du Film Vert in Switzerland aims to present a selection of high-quality documentaries that address questions relating to the environment, sustainable development or relations between the North and the South.

L’Empire de l’or rouge, directed by Xavier Deleu and Jean-Baptiste Malet and produced by Groupe PVP, is an economic account of the punishing trade in tomatoes, the world’s most popular fruit. It is also explores social implications, following the course of American, Italian, French and Chinese manufacturers, as well as the lives of field labourers, African migrants in Italy and local workers in China, who make this business model possible.




Groupe PVP is pleased to announce that has been nominated for Best Factual Series at the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards.

The Canadian Screen Awards are the result of a merger between the Genie Awards (best film productions in Canada) and the Gemini Awards (achievements in Canadian television), and were introduced in an effort to better reflect the multi-faceted reality of the industry.

Co-produced by Groupe PVP and Dundee Road Productions, the documentary series, was directed by Éli Laliberté and Steven Martin. Broadcast on APTN and Knowledge Network, the series showcases Indigenous peoples around the world who share an important connection: Defending the right to preserve their cultures, languages, spirituality and traditions. Accompanied by Cree musician, Pakesso Muskash, this series goes to meet a young generation attempting to redefine the world of Indigenous peoples in order to hear what they have to say. Dynamic and involved, they aim to use a modern approach to restore and revitalize their cultural heritage while respecting the legacy of their ancestors.

Winners of the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards will be revealed during Canadian Screen Week, March 5 to 11, 2018.

For further information:


Animated series Trulli Tales soon to be broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada!


After a few years of hard work in the development and production phases, Groupe PVP is proud to announce the imminent broadcast of its animated series Trulli Tales, coproduced with Gaumont Animation (France), Congedo Culturarte, Fandango TV and Rai Fiction (Italy).

Geared towards young children and comprising 52 eleven-minute episodes, Trulli Tales will begin airing from January 6, 2018 on ICI Radio-Canada every Saturday and Sunday morning at 7:15AM. The series will be aired globally on Disney France, Disney UK, Disney Italie, Rai Fiction, Gloob and Knowledge Network.

In addition, a website and a game for mobile devices will be available online from December 20, 2017.

Synopsis: Trulli Tales is a children’s animated series that tells the adventures of four little characters from Trulliland who have been chosen to protect Grandma Trulli’s precious magic cookbook. However, before they can become great Wizard Chefs, Ring, Zip, Stella and Sun must first learn to use their cookery skills as well as their magic powers.

In each of their adventures, they must also try to stop the evil villain Copperpot from getting his hands on the famous magic cookbook.


The documentary film FLY-IN, FLY-OUT will air on Canal D on December 7


Groupe PVP is proud to announce the upcoming broadcast of its documentary Fly-in, fly-out, starting on Thursday December 7 at 8PM on Canal D.

Quebecers have always been attracted to the great outdoors. In fact, it’s at the heart of their greatest achievements. Logging in the forest, log driving through treacherous waters, building enormous dams … The northern lands have provided the means to a better life for generations of workers. The arrival of major construction projects saw towns grow up around the mines. Today, since industries operate with less manpower than before, shift work – also known as fly-in, fly-out – has become the new norm.

This documentary by Éli Laliberté follows the daily grind of workers who have chosen a rather unusual lifestyle. Alternating between endless days of intense work and complete rest, their way of life can have repercussions on family life and relationships, sometimes plunging them into the darkest of times. Upset family dynamics, the inability to deal with unforeseen situations, strained relationships, but also solidarity, community spirit and sacrifices… Fly-in, fly-out explores all facets of this mainly unexplored lifestyle…

The film, which made the official selection for the 9th annual Festival international de cinéma et d’art de Percé (les Percéides), was directed by Gaspesian Éli Laliberté. Sound design originates from a track by the band Dans l’shed, also from the Gaspé Peninsula, and narration was performed by actor, comedian, and author Ghislain Taschereau.


Thursday December 7, 2017 at 8PM


Friday December 8 8 at 1PM, Sunday December 10 at 9PM
Monday December 11 at 1AM, Tuesday December 12 at 9AM.