Des bateaux et des hommes

Des bateaux et des hommes


Documentary series

The documentary series, Des bateaux et des hommes, takes viewers on a journey to meet individuals and communities for whom their boats are an extension of their being. This series will introduce viewers to different ways of life, different cultures and unusual experiences, while providing a window onto incredible, breathtaking landscapes.

Across the globe, we explore extraordinary individuals’ lives; people with saltwater coursing through their veins, people for whom their boats are an extension of their being. These boats provide them with a bridge to their ancestors, allow them to undertake studies, trade, receive medical treatment and break their isolation… Simply put, without the boats, they would have no life.


10 X 52 minutes


Gédéons Programmes, Docland Yard


TV5 Québec Canada, Voyage, France Ô



Digital Media

The digital component of the Des bateaux et des hommes (Of Men and Boats) project features tons of extra content, including more insight into the documentary series, video capsules with even more information about the boats seen in episodes of the series, 360-degree-tours of boats you’ll find on Quebec waterways that are jam-packed full of interviews with the crew, and a captivating online series showcasing sailors’ tales of surviving at sea. 

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