Architects of change

Architects of change


Documentary series

Is there a way in which everyone can benefit from our planet's natural resources, without compromising what will be left for future generations? The answer to this question can be found in the four corners of the earth, according to the men and women who have successfully created new models of economic development. These forward-thinkers decided to adopt a new way to create longer-lasting and more sustainable growth for mankind and the planet alike. They are farmers, chemists or architects, doctors, retailers, or bankers.... Far from being ecological or political militants, these Architects of Change are above all entrepreneurs.

Architects of Change is a documentary collection that links us with pioneers of a new generation. They believe in creative capitalism to boost social, economic and environmental wealth. Fortunately, they are not alone in promoting such ideas, but these Architects of Change nevertheless prove to us that on their scale and on a daily basis, it is possible.

Architects of change


30 X 30 minutes 30 X 60 minutes


RDI, TFO, Ushuaïa TV, France 5, 8 Mont Blanc, ICI Explora


Lato Sensu


Jean Bourbonnais, Sylvain Braun, Laurent Lutaud, Carlos Ferrand, Karina Marceau, Luc Cyr, Linda Tardif


Ciné-Fête, Poorhouse int., Terranoa

Digital Media

The Architects of Change website presents the work of the extraordinary individuals who featured in the documentary series. Through biographies and information on their initiatives, visitors to the site can learn about the concept of sustainable development. It also contains a simulation game, short educational animated clips that shed light on complex concepts and interactive case studies.

Architects of change

Interactive television

The Architects of Change illico site offers informative video clips, games, an interactive video and questionnaires. Interactive TV viewers can also watch a film that is exclusively reserved for illico On Demand TV users, Minuit moins une, starring Réal Bossé.

Awards & Distinctions

27 ième Gala des Prix Gémeaux


27 ième Gala des Prix Gémeaux


Meilleure série documentaire


Prix du ministère de l'agriculture, de l'environnement et du développement régional de la république slovaque.


Grand prix stork's nest pour les séries télé dédiées à l'écologie et la protection de l'environnement


Prix du meilleur programme environnemental


Meilleure réalisation pour Sylvain Braun


Grand prix du jury


Prix du ministère de la construction et du développement régional de la république slovaque.



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