Women of the mountains

Women of the mountains



In Nepal, a country sandwiched between China, Tibet and India, women are still considered second-class citizens.

However, three sisters are determined to make a difference and challenge conventions. Lucky, Nicky and Dicky Chhetri refuse to live by their home country’s sexist traditions and buckle under the weight of its customs. Founders of the association Empowering Women of Nepal, the Chhetris devote their time to improving living conditions for Nepalese women, helping them develop the necessary skills to take control of their lives and promoting gender equality.

Femmes des montagnes delves into the lives of three sisters and their work with Nepalese women. Through their brave journey, we witness compelling moments as they break away from ancestral values, establish new benchmarks and confront their peers, as well as share their moments of reconciliation and personal fulfillment.

Women of the mountains


1 X 60 minutes


TV5 Québec


Martine Breuillaud

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