Vu du large

Vu du large


Documentary series

Vu du large is a documentary collection dealing with different themes about the St. Lawrence River and the people living on its shores. This mass of water’s state of health, marine biotechnology, climate change and new fisheries resources are just some of the topics that will be covered from a unique and contemporary approach. Each as passionate as the last, the episodes will be filled with interviews from those living in the Great Lakes and along the Gulf who are striving to preserve one of the world’s most extraordinary waterways.

Vu du large


11 X 60 minutes 20 X 30 minutes




Production Thalie


Vic Pelletier, Martin Matte, Jean-François Bouchard, Jean Guénette, Robert Tremblay, Alain Corneau, Ole Gjerstad, Denis Lavoie


Ciné-Fête, Filmoption International


Changements climatiques, Entre le krill et la baleine, Un géant malmené, Le fleuve qui nourrit, Un vent de changements, Cap sur le Saint-Laurent, [...]

Digital Media

Still on board the SEDNA IV, the Vu du large II  team sails up to the source of the Saint Lawrence, reaching the Great Lakes. The first section of our series offered our public a fresh and contemporary view of the St. Lawrence river. We first introduced the unique ecological heritage, and then let them into the secret of what happens on this river.

Thanks to the participation of a wide range of enthusiasts motivated by a common vision, and our talented team of professionals, we appeal to a wide audience. Vu du large II has raised her flag to protect and conserve the Saint Lawrence river.

Vu du large

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