Documentary series

Humanity is coming to a turning point: the global urban population is about to exceed the planet’s rural population. This massive urbanization has multiple consequences on the way of life of the planet’s Indigenous populations and their ancestral culture, which in the past, revolved around rurality, and which, similarly to the rest of humanity, is experiencing colossal transformations. Some are leaving their territory to study, work, or leaving challenging living conditions. Others never moved, instead becoming new neighbourhoods during the expansion of big cities like Sao Paulo in Brazil or Mexico City, in Mexico.

In the shadows of the concrete jungle and skyscrapers, urbanized groups are pulling out all the stops to keep the culture alive. Living in an urban world has a silver lining; people from all walks of life can benefit from their rich cultural contribution. This series will act as a family portrait of the historical and contemporary culture of Indigenous communities living in urban areas.


13 x 30 minutes


Éli Laliberté


Éli Laliberté


Aligat Production



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