Tom Sawyer

Animated series


Tom Sawyer is a little boy in search of adventure from the moment he wakes up. Constantly on the lookout for a forest to explore, an orchard to loot or a lake to swim in, Tom and his friends are forever on the move. But with their boundless imagination, who knows where they will end up! Left to their own devices, it doesn’t take much for a tree trunk to turn into a crocodile or an owl’s hooting call to sound like the wail of a furious ghost...

Based on the novel by Mark Twain, each episode of the Tom Sawyer series presents one of the great adventures, escapades, or explorations of this lively kid with plenty of imagination!


26 x 22 minutes


Cybergroupe, France


SRC, UNIS TV, TV5 Monde, TFO, ARD Degeto, RAI