Tom Sawyer



Tom Sawyer is a boy in search of adventure from the moment he wakes up. With his little brother Sid and his group of faithful friends, he is always looking for a new adventure and is unstoppable. Whether they are trying to rescue a friend, take care of a dangerous animal, skip school with Huck, outwit Joe’s evil plans or fix their missteps, Tom and his gang are never short of ideas. Based on the novel by Mark Twain, each episode of the Tom Sawyer series presents one of the great adventures, escapades, or explorations of these lively kids with plenty of imagination!

Tom Sawyer


26 x 22 minutes


Cyber Group Studios

Broadcaster(s), Unis TV, TV5 Monde, TFO, ARD/HR , RAI


Cyber Group Studios

Digital Media

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Tom Sawyer


The inhabitants of a riverside village have been robbed, and the sheriff thinks you did it. Joe, the real thief, has carefully hidden his loot around the village. Your mission: bring Tom’s gang together, don’t get caught, build treehouses so you can see right across the village, and lead your friends on a quest to return the hidden objects to their rightful owners.

Will you accept the mission? Join Tom’s gang and download the mobile application Tom’s Patrol! Complete missions, collect items and find plans that will help you build and customize treehouses. When you download the mobile app, you get access to:

- More than 80 exciting missions
- 50 different areas to explore
- 30 types of objects, including things to eat and tools for building
- 7 5-storey treehouses that you can improve and customize
- 7 characters including your avatar
- Creating your own avatar
- Fruity candy so you can instantly complete actions and find new objects you can use to customize your treehouses and characters

But watch out, you need to do all of this without getting caught by an adult! So, if you’re ready for the challenge, there are hours of fun waiting to be had. Now, it’s up to you!

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Tom Sawyer

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