The Olympic Stadium: Autopsy of a sentimental relationship



Like it or not, you can’t deny that everyone has an opinion on the Olympic Stadium. Built for the 1976 Olympic Games, this imposing building with its daring architecture is the pride of some Montrealers, but for many others it’s a visual horror recalling memories of scandal, corruption and wasted money. Forty years on, the Olympic Stadium remains the subject of many a strong, sharp and heated debate. Should public funding pay for its upkeep or should it be left to its fate? Should it be demolished so we can finally bring the adventure that never should have been to a close? The documentary The Olympic Stadium: Autopsy of a sentimental relationship tells the tale of the love-hate relationship spanning 40 years and how the Olympic Stadium has become an emblem for Montreal and for Quebec, despite its turbulent history, both looking back and forwards in time. Examining the past to recall the painful beginning of Montreal’s largest building, and examining the present to uncover the place it holds today in Montreal’s landscape and in the hearts of Montrealers.


1 x 60 minutes


Luc Cyr



1 877 320-2040