SOS bêtes sauvages

SOS bêtes sauvages



S.O.S. Bêtes sauvages is a documentary film focused on the interesting activities of Refuge Pageau and its employees. From the emergency call signalling that an animal in distress has been found to its rescue, this film gets up close and personal with the Refuge Pageau team, showing viewers the adrenaline and emotion that goes into each rescue and subsequent rehabilitation until the big day: releasing the animals back into the wild.

From birds with missing wings to a blind bear discovered foraging for food in a shed, to an albino moose abandoned by its mother, a fox caught in a trap, bear cubs with stunted growth who cannot survive in the forest, and to a moose trapped in freezing waters… S.O.S. Bêtes sauvages is bound to be enjoyed by old and young alike.


1 x 52 minutes


Karina Marceau


Karina Marceau


Unis TV

1 877 320-2040