Sons, a gender movie



In 2021, with the rising number of femicides, assaults and movements like #metoo, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to re-evaluate how we raise our sons and the values we instill in them. In this documentary feature film, Manuel Foglia attends two Grade 11 classes at a high school where students are making short films about stereotypes.

In Sons, director, Manuel Foglia capitalizes on his chance to get the students talking about what it means to be male in 2021, what they are conditioned to think, the prejudices surrounding their sex and the opposite sex, and more. As the class projects advance, the decisions students make give rise to lively debates, pitting students against each other based on the values they defend. The documentary film will push teenagers and viewers to examine their prejudices, values, our often-sexist society, and just how to provoke a change of mentality regarding how we educated our sons.


1 x 78 minutes


Manuel Foglia


Manuel Foglia


Unis TV

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