Simple Plan and the OSM

Simple Plan and the OSM



Directed by Yanie Dupont-Hébert, this 120 minutes show witnesses an event reuniting the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal and pop-punk band Simple Plan together on the same stage, aiming at raising funds in aid of Simple Plan Foundation and the OSM’s educational activities.

The first part of this TV program brings the viewers behind the scenes, allowing them to learn more about the creative process which gave birth to this exceptional show, before giving way to a unique concert and unforgettable performance introducing songs of Simple Plan magnified by the talent of the OSM’s musicians.

In this TV show, sound is obvisouly very important. The 5.1 audio mixing has been carried out by Frédéric Fortin, of Groupe PVP, in collaboration with Sébastien Lefebvre, from Simple Plan, and Simon Leclerc, OSM’s orchestrator and arranger. Mastering has been undertaken by Scott Lake, of Metalworks Studios, in Mississauga. In short, a terrific team worked relentlessly so that the viewers can live this concert as if they were there.

Simple Plan and the OSM


1 X 120 minutes


Yanie Dupont-Hébert


Télé-Québec, ARTV

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