Documentary series

The series Patrouille presents the eventful lives of police officers in some of the world’s most dangerous neighborhoods! Each day, these men and women risk their lives to keep the peace and restore order in areas where offenders, hardened criminals and drug traffickers roam. Although they deal with their share of petty offenses, they are also the first to offer front-line support when the time comes to take real action.

From New York to Bogota, as well as Los Angeles and Tokyo, this series of 10 episodes explores what it’s like to be a police officer. For these individuals, the risks greatly depend on living conditions, social issues and the economic state of the country they are living in. Patrouille will follow a pair of police officers to discover precisely what their work entails in these dangerous towns. For a few hours, they will let us into their hectic and stressful lives as they go on patrol.


10 x 52 minutes


Karina Marceau, Pascal Carron, Sylvain Braun and Jean Bourbonnais


TV5, Voyage, RMC Découverte and Nat Géo France


Gédéon Programmes



Digital Media

Unlike the documentary series Patrouille that spans the entire globe, the website features a webseries filmed exclusively in Quebec that showcases our patrol officers. The webseries, made up of six 7 to 10-minute episodes, features retired police officer covering various topics, including the risks of the job, their personal experiences, and how the job has changed over the years. Additionally, visitors can access videos and fact files for each destination.

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