Parent un jour, parent toujours

Parent un jour, parent toujours


Documentary series

Parent un jour, parent toujours is a useful documentary series that offers handy tips and tricks to mums and dads and explores the role of parents in their children’s upbringing. In each episode, two well-intentioned families spend a weekend together and take part in all sorts of activities helping them to discuss specific themes related to their little ones’ development. A specialist joins the group to shed further light on the subject and suggest alternative solutions to the daily challenges of raising our little angels. 

Parent un jour, parent toujours


26 X 30 minutes


TFO, Telemedellin


Karina Marceau


Ciné-Fête, Quadra Films

Digital Media

Parent un jour, parent toujours is a website that serves as an online portal for family issues and is aimed at families with children aged 0 to 7. Parents can find an array of useful information on how to deal with tantrums at home, as well as a wide range of parenting resources. They can also watch previously unseen video clips of child care professionals and families who participated in the show.

Parent un jour, parent toujours


Petit guide du parent is a companion mobile and tablet app to the series Parent un jour, parent toujours. This application offers useful and documented answers to a range of questions that are frequently asked by parents: How can I help my child sleep better? How should I react to my toddler’s tantrums? What should I do when my child misbehaves at meal time? As well as these informative texts, the app also contains video clips of specialists who appeared in the series, relaxation tools and clips about safety that can be watched with children.

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