Of Trucks and Men

Of Trucks and Men


Documentary series

The series Des Camions et des hommes (Extreme Truckers) takes us on a journey around some of the world’s most dangerous routes, with some rather unique truckers. As we accompany them on their everyday adventures, we will explore the most hostile regions, the most extreme conditions and the most unpredictable tracks.

In many countries, getting behind the wheel of a truck and driving several hundreds of kilometres is an adventure in itself. Battling the cold, sand, ice or heat when the state of the roads leaves little to be desired and mechanical faults are a common occurrence, the life of a trucker is by no means a walk in the park.

We will follow drivers as they stray off the major routes to venture onto rarely-used roads and dusty tracks. They all have the same goal: to do all they can to get to the right place at the right time. These tenacious truckers bring more to their remote destinations than just a full truckload: they give people the opportunity to cross paths and forge relationships.

Consisting of three seasons, the series lets viewers discover landscapes, cultures and roads that stray from the beaten path. 

Of Trucks and Men


5 x 54 minutes


TV5, Planète, Planète +, Thalassa, Escale France


Gédéon Programmes


Pascal Carron, Frédéric Reau, Yanie Dupont-Hébert


Ciné-Fête, Terranoa

1 877 320-2040