Objectif Nord


Documentary series

Objectif Nord is a four-part series that invites viewers to discover the North from the viewpoint of those who live and work there.

All of the people encountered are experts in their field or key players in the development of the territory and the community. They express their hopes and fears for the future and reveal the impressive array of initiatives introduced to help their region realize its full potential. The stories they tell range from successful negotiations to the struggle to keep up with the phenomenal boom.

Discovery is at the heart of the series. This is not only a visual discovery of the beauty of the North, its vast expanses and its diversity, but a discovery of the richness of resources and inestimable potential that this region presents. This eye-opening journey aims to instill a sense of belonging in viewers and have them reflect on the future of this immense national treasure.

Objectif Nord


29 X 60 minutes


Télé-Québec, Canal Savoir, APTN


Robert Cornellier


Ciné-Fête, Quadra Films

Digital Media

The Objectif Nord website presents an array of information on northern Quebec, as well as videos, panoramic views, images, an exciting exploration game and an entertaining travel diary kept by Boucar Diouf. It serves as a useful reference point that allows users to explore this little known yet captivating territory situated in the vast province of Quebec.

Objectif Nord


The Objectif Nord app offers supplementary information relating to the documentary series, such as panoramic images and video clips that give users a close-up view of the North.

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