Digital Media

There are four distinct sections on the NoteRythme website. On the first section, NoteRythme, users can watch entire episodes; they can also take advantage of the search bar to find episodes by the school’s name or song title. The next section, NoteCompo, is an interactive module where users can create their own music from three existing songs (easy, intermediate and difficult levels). There are endless possibilities to this fun activity, users, for example, can change the voice, cords, percussion and electronic parts of the song.

Once they have composed their song, users can either save it to their personal account or share it. If they choose to share their composition, it will be posted in the NoteJam section, where users can listen to all shared songs. There is another search bar on this page that can be used to find songs by the school’s name or song title. Users can really have fun with final section, NoteMix, where they can listen to funny and unusual mixes.


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