Maison sur mesure (Turnkey)

Documentary series

Unreachable shelving, countertops and drawers, poorly adapted surfaces, stairs and obstacles to work around, narrow corridors and poorly designed living areas… Living with a disability can be challenging enough, but trying to live and move around in a poorly adapted environment comes with a whole host of dangers and frustrations. When access to real estate is next to impossible for the general public and older, semi-autonomous people are being encouraged to stay in their homes for as long as possible, building a new home or adapting your existing home seems to be the way to go.

Maison sur mesure (Turnkey) is an exploration of the people who dream up, design, sketch, transform and construct accessible and adapted housing, following along with their work as they find ingenious ways to overcome challenges. As we get to know those working to provide accessible and adapted living environments, we also get to know the men, women and children they are doing it for. We will learn about their lives, the challenges they face daily and just what drove them to reach out to our professionals. The confluence of these two worlds and the pursuit of a shared goal leads to many heartwarming and deep exchanges.


6 X 52 minutes


Karina Marceau


AMI-télé, Savoir Média

1 877 320-2040