Le Grand Dérangement de Saint-Paulin Dalibaire

Le Grand Dérangement de Saint-Paulin Dalibaire



Will post-globalization Quebec - Quebec as a player on the new world stage - be any different in the way it projects its separate identity?  Will growth and development pass it by?

Even worse than the disillusionment of elected representatives, disinterest and apathy from communities is contributing to a haemorrhage. This will irreparably influence half of the population in Quebec to turn its back on half of its land mass. When we quiz the experts, university professors and others, they tell us that the show has already hit the road: An exodus of young people means the loss of its life blood and will ultimately contribute to the inevitable death of Quebec.

Poverty, underdevelopment, inadequate health services, the picture is not rosy: It provides a disturbing view but a realistic glance at a future Quebec. Is one half of Quebec disappearing, while the other half stand by apparently unconcerned?

Le Grand Dérangement de Saint-Paulin Dalibaire


1 X 60 minutes


Télé-Québec, RDI, CBVT-QC


Jean-Claude Labrecque



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