Le cul pointu : une histoire de shed



In 2018, three tradition-loving Magdalen Islanders came together to live out one of their long-held dreams — building a "cul pointu" (a boat once used by the islands’ fishermen), for the first time in 25 years. The film follows the trio over the course of three years as they build and prepare the boat for its maiden voyage. In this story of friendship, solidarity, competency and resourcefulness, the directors (James Gray and Marie-Christine Lavoie) immerse viewers in life in the shed: the sacred space where ideas are thrown around and you might just end up building a boat not seen off the shores of the islands for decades.


1 x 66 min


James Gray and Marie-Christine Lavoie


James Gray and Marie-Christine Lavoie


Unis TV, France Télévision Îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

1 877 320-2040