La politique n'est pas un jeu d'enfant

La politique n'est pas un jeu d'enfant



The life of a politician may well be tough but it is still the fruit of a conscious commitment. As for the children of these elected figures, they don’t choose to live in the public eye but they still have to bear all its trials and tribulations, as well as the advantages and unique experiences.

Even though politicians use their own children to portray themselves in a positive light, showing their electorate they have similar lifestyles, politics is far from child’s play. In this documentary, not only will we meet politicians who divulge their parenthood experiences, but we will also break new ground to explore a subject that has never been shown on Quebec television: the life of a politician’s child.

For the first time in Quebec, a documentary will examine affairs of state from the perspective of those who unwittingly forwent a carefree lifestyle for the good of the public. This is a rich and fascinating yet little-documented subject.

La politique n'est pas un jeu d'enfant


1 X 60 minutes




Karina Marceau

1 877 320-2040