La famille Daraîche, du western au country

La famille Daraîche, du western au country



Hailed as the “royal family” of French country music, Julie, Paul, Katia and Dani Daraîche are the members of a band spanning four generations of artists who have performed on stage for over 125 years and represent one of the best examples of family performers around. From their cabaret heyday to major tours, and right up to the belated recognition that Paul Daraîche received when he released his album of duos, Mes amours, mes amis, this documentary retraces the journey of these daring and talented Gaspesians who highlight the originality and resilience of a both marginalized and popular music style. Travelling musicians and long-time stage performers, the Daraîche family illustrate how the same music style progressed from western to country, from rustic to refined. Patrick Norman is the narrator of this documentary that was written and directed by Carmel Dumas.

La famille Daraîche, du western au country


1 X 60 minutes


Télé-Québec, ARTV


Carmel Dumas



1 877 320-2040