L'esprit des lieux


Documentary series

Canada is one of the world’s largest countries. This is the reason why a Newfoundlander may find it difficult to recognize certain British-Colombian traits, or a Quebecer who doesn’t know we can travel to Eureka in the Great North or visit Chinese gardens from the Ming era in Vancouver.

All facets of our multiculturalism are gathered together in this Pan-Canadian documentary series which allows every viewer to discover the human, cultural, and geographical elements found within the make-up of Canada. Each place has its own unique signature made from what it is, what it represents; and what we make of it. The realities and quirks of these unique places in Canada, which each program highlights, will also speak out loud and clear to the whole of Canada about the diversity and scale that the country’s social and cultural life boasts.

L'esprit des lieux


26 X 30 minutes




Raoul Jomphe, Christine Richard, Patrick Guité, Paul Lapointe, Marc Lemieux, Michel Gaboury




Un nouveau monde, La Baie des Grandes Marées, Touches d'Orient, D'un jardin à l'autre, Lieux des origines, Où est l'Acadie?, Au gré du vent, Tradition [...]

Digital Media

L’esprit des lieux is a website with an educational purpose and a follow up of the documentary series of the same name. It offers supplementary information on different places of interest in Canada, explored throughout the program’s broadcast. Each place is described in a way which effectively exposes the unique characteristics which give it its charm.

We discover these places not only through the site’s content, but also through interactive cards, animations, questionnaire-games, images and video extracts. The diversity of locations covered turns the site into a real guide, offering rich cultural content and high quality information.

L'esprit des lieux

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