Janette Bertrand: ouvrir la voie


Radio show

Directed by journalist and director Geneviève Tremblay, this two-part documentary series celebrates the legacy of one of Quebec’s most beloved women.

Through fascinating archives, the first part of this series pays tribute to Janette Bertrand, a woman who has dedicated her entire life to educating the public and breaking social taboos. From the comfort of her living room, Janette shares her remarkable story with Geneviève, reflecting on her role as a leader for social change and gender equality. The second part of this documentary focuses on the next chapter of her life. Just shy of turning 100, Janette discusses how fighting the stigma around aging is truly her last great feat.


1 X 54 minutes


Geneviève Tremblay


Geneviève Tremblay


ICI Radio-Canada Première

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