I speak français

I speak français



There’s often a perceived rift between the Anglophones and Francophones of Quebec. I speak français is a documentary that showcases Quebec’s youngest generations’ vision to preserve their mother tongue, French. This is a generation who, unlike their ancestors, hasn’t had to fight for the survival of their people and their language; who, like their Prime Minister, can quite easily converse by mixing both official languages; who was rocked to sleep by American music as infants, and who listen to, read and watch English films, news, music and TV. These people have an ambiguous and paradoxical relationship with their language, while speaking French remains a fundamental characteristic of the Quebecker identity. I speak français will bring these people to the screen and ask the delicate question: what kind of relationship do 18-24-year-old Quebeckers have with Molières tongue?


1 x 52 minutes




Karina Marceau

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