Gilbert Boulanger, aviateur de guerre

Gilbert Boulanger, aviateur de guerre



Gilbert Boulanger, an 80-year-old Canadian veteran of the Second World War, is given a hero’s welcome in the quaint town of Courseulles-sur-Mer in Normandy, where an elementary school is to be named after him.

The film tells the incredible story of a pilot from Quebec who survived over 37 brutal missions, and whose name will forever be ingrained in the memories of these young French students. The documentary explores the boundaries between Canada and France as a tribute to the veterans who fought in the war against the Nazis.

As the old man strives to keep the war-time sacrifice of his fallen comrades-in-arms alive, the story dwells on the fact that we are letting Second World War servicemen slip from our memories.

The film lifts the veil on the curiosity of younger generations, more intrigued and eager to learn than their elders. This is also the story of an ex-serviceman who believes that the war has not yet been won, as there is still no peace in the world.


1 X 60 minutes




Robert Tremblay


Ciné-Fête, GAD

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Gilbert Boulanger, aviateur de guerre

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