From Handsaw to Scalpel

Documentary series

Season I (2023)

Season II (2024)

Season III (Production)

Lobotomies, electroshock therapy, ice baths, handsaw amputations, nightmare-inducing deliveries, medical tools worthy of horror films used to correct posture and pull teeth… Our ancestors were certainly put through the mill, after all, they were the guinea pigs for medical treatments. Whether or not you’re dreading your next doctor’s appointment, you’ve got to admit, the medical field has certainly come a long way.

From Handsaw to Scalpel is a fascinating insight into the evolution of modern medicine as we explore the medical treatments for certain issues from past to present, seeing just how much we have learned through trial and error. The series is also a chance to see how medical advancements are currently used to treat problems in the fields of oncology, ophthalmology, dentistry, neurology, obstetrics and orthopaedics, and to see what the future may hold.


Season I : 6 X 30 minutes
Season II : 6 X 30 minutes
Season III : 6 X 30 minutes


Karina Marceau
Katherine Dupont


Karina Marceau
Geneviève Tremblay


Catherine Ethier


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