Fly-in, fly-out



Quebeckers have always been drawn to open spaces, which is probably why our biggest achievements have been at the heart of these places. We cut down the forests, floated wood down wild rivers, built damns bigger than nature itself… The Northern lands have provided a better life for generations of workers. At their peak, towns popped up around the mines. Nowadays, these industries use less staff and fly-in fly-out has become the new norm.

This Éli Laliberté documentary transports us to the heart of the daily life of the people who choose this unusual lifestyle. Alternating between a marathon of intense workdays and complete rest, their family life and love life is put through the wringer, and they sometimes end up in a dark place. Fly-in, fly-out completely immerses viewers into the heart of an unsung lifestyle, where they see firsthand how these workers conciliate work- and family-life, the helplessness they feel when things go wrong at home, tensions within their relationships, but most of all, viewers see how they unite through a sense of community and sacrifice.


1x60 minutes


Éli Laliberté


Canal D

1 877 320-2040