Extreme Rescuers

Extreme Rescuers


Documentary series

The firefighters, doctors and guards who work as rescuers at the national parks all share a
common mandate: to provide first-aid and, above all, operate in places that are inaccessible to
others, particularly where the terrain is steep or isolated.

The job of a modern-day rescue worker is becoming increasingly demanding. As society
becomes more and more geared towards extreme sports and exploring dangerous terrains,
outdoors enthusiasts sometimes get into dangerous situations, thus creating particularly
challenging missions for the rescuers.

Who are these exceptional men and women? How do they find the courage to put their lives on
the line to save other people’s lives? Is risk-taking an innate trait? What is the opinion of the
people who have been rescued? What type of training must the rescue workers complete? How
do they manage to operate in the extreme conditions they are faced with?

The series Secouristes de l’extrême (Extreme Rescuers) sets out to explore these questions,
inviting viewers to follow rescue workers on their missions as they brave the ice, cold, flowing
water and heights; fighting the elements is an everyday challenge for these extraordinary

Extreme Rescuers


10 X 60 minutes


TV5, Voyage France


Gédéon Programmes


Pascal Carron, Martin Fournier


Ciné-Fête, Terranoa


Winter firefighting, Whitewater rescue, Commandos of fire, Mountain rescue, Urban rescue, Rescue missions in the Far North, Underground rescue, [...]

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