Elle m'a quitté



Despite all the progress that’s been made, we still aren’t able to prevent femicide, harassment and domestic violence, or even detect the warning signs of the torment that leaves so many victims in its wake. Although not all cases end in death, many men experience serious emotional issues after a breakup.

This documentary sheds light on men and what goes through their minds after a separation. It takes a closer look at the personalities that are at greater risk for violence and harassment, the thought process leading up to murder or suicide, and the lack of education and emotional maturity of men who carry out these acts.

The documentary delves deeper into the conversation to explore how boys are socialized at a young age, all the while questioning what we can do to better support young men in their development, and how we can detect at-risk behaviour and intervene before it’s too late. Why is seeking help so difficult for men, and how can they be encouraged to get help before tragedy strikes?


1 x 52 minutes


ICI Radio-Canada, RDI

1 877 320-2040