Elisapie : Faire face à la musique

Elisapie : Faire face à la musique



The documentary film Faire face à la musique is a record of the incredible onstage experiences of Indigenous singer-songwriter Elisapie. This documentary film paints a picture of her that much more detailed than a simple biography. Elisapie’s artistic work emanates Inuit culture. This film follows the singer as she tours Canada, Quebec, the United States and Europe, on a tour that is representative of her peoples’ nomadic past. An artistic odyssey where she will meet the public and hundreds of key people, while drawing attention to some of the most significant aspects of Inuit culture, including the importance of territory, transmission, adoption, animism, the place of the next generation and the role of the elders, and, of course, her peoples’ difficult past.


1 x 52 minutes


Films Sanajik


ICI Radio-Canada, ARTV


Sophie Proulx-Lachance

1 877 320-2040