Des voix dans ma tête



For nearly 20 years, psychiatrist Marie-Ève Cotton has been travelling to Nunavik six times a year. During her many visits to the Far North, Marie-Ève quickly realized that not only are Indigenous communities forced to contend with difficult living conditions, but the way they treat mental illness is vastly different from the approach she uses in Montreal. From one culture to another, mental illness is handled quite differently, and even has spiritual value in some communities. For Marie-Ève, it was imperative that she learn how to work with cultural beliefs and values other than those that prevail in southern Quebec. This documentary follows Marie-Ève as she explores mental illness from an entirely new perspective.


1 x 52 minutes


Karina Marceau


Sonia Bérubé
Vincent Leroux


ICI Radio-Canada, RDI

1 877 320-2040