Des morues et des hommes

Des morues et des hommes



Des morues et des hommes is a one hour documentary shedding light on the state of cod fishing. Ten years ago in the Arctic region a ban was put in place on fishing this large fish which lives in cold seawater. An ecological, economic and social crisis has necessitated the ban on cod fishing in the gulf of the Saint Laurence River and from the traditional banks - but how long will it last? This documentary lets you understand and feel what the people, communities and industries have gone through over the past ten years. From the point of view of the fishermen, scientists, politicians, and close-knit communities, we show the death throes of a way of life - cod fishing. Historians help us to understand the culture of cod fishing and its origins, and why it is difficult for fishermen to fish for other species in the Atlantic. We also need to find solutions. In Scandinavian countries, for example Norway, they have been farming cod for many years. Could this type of aquiculture work here, in Atlantic Canada? Would it be a success? It seems that it might.

Des morues et des hommes


1 x 60 minutes




Jean Guénette


Filmoption International

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