Le coeur a ses régions

Le coeur a ses régions



Finding love isn’t an easy task for anyone. Some people spend their entire lives searching for “the one”. For some, it’s a source of immense stress; for others, it’s hopeless quest with no happy ending in sight… So, imagine trying to find your soulmate in a small town of 1,400 or in a village, isolated from the rest of the world!

Living in a rural area, where entertainment sources are scarce, it’s often better to face the world as a couple. Yet, in rural areas, finding a partner is much more difficult than in large cities: the limited population; everyone knowing your history; there are often not many people in your age range; you might have to travel hundreds of kilometres to meet someone who shares the same interests as you; and in some rural areas, the men outnumber the women by quite a lot… It’s like everybody knows each other and pretty soon there are no eligible candidates left.

This documentary will follow four unique singles from four different rural areas of Quebec to discover what kind of challenges they face when trying to find their soulmates. We will accompany these four very different singles as they try to find love in a rural area.

Is it really more difficult to find love in a rural area? Are there really more singles in small towns than in big cities? Does being in a couple enable you to put down roots in a town, or do we settle down first and foremost for work opportunities? Is it more difficult for the LGBTQ community to find a soulmate in small towns? Do they face more prejudice in rural areas? Does struggling to find a partner really make you want to give up and leave everything else behind? This stand-alone documentary with a universal theme that follows endearing people aims to answer these questions.


1 x 52 minute


Karina Marceau


ICI Radio-Canada

1 877 320-2040