The Jar Dwellers

Animated series



Three weird creatures from obscure corners of the Earth are hidden away in glass jars for 200 years.

When a brother and sister release them, The Jar Dwellers want to make up for lost time. Ooble, Crunch and Barka can’t believe their luck. The modern world is so exciting. To relish new opportunities though, they will need the kid’s help. They learn to speak, think and adapt. The trio don’t dare let on that they love their new habitat and have no intention of leaving their cushy new life.

It’s no easy task for these creatures to overcome their differences, outsmart the kids, undermine Sophie’s ‘Survival of the Species’ repatriation training program…and avoid the scientist who is obsessed with tracking them down.

So it’s animal cunning versus human brainpower in a comic struggle between the species, where there is no telling who will win and what will evolve.


52 X 11 minutes


Peter Viska


SRC Radio-Canada Network 10 ABC Australia TV Medellin


Groupe PVP Viskatoons Pipeline Studios

Interactive television



The Jar Dwellers SOS illico website puts young viewers’ knowledge to the test with a visual association game based on the world of the TV show Jar Dwellers SOS. It also includes the “SOS Barka” game which invites them to help Ooble and Crunch release their friend who is caught in one of Van Riceberger’s traps. This illico site also displays the TV show’s broadcast schedule, as well as information on what can be found on other platforms.



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In addition to the high-colour activities available on the web and illico sites, the Jar Dwellers SOS mobile and tablet application lets young viewers take their experience even further. It offers them an exciting game where they must use some nifty finger-work to guide the Jar Dwellers so that they succeed in defending themselves against the nasty Jar Trackers. Just like the heroes in the series, young players must help the Jar Dwellers regain and hone their natural survival instincts!



/en/medias/projets/the-jar-dwellers/internet/JD_02.png /en/medias/projets/the-jar-dwellers/internet/JD_03.png /en/medias/projets/the-jar-dwellers/internet/JD_04.png

The Jar Dwellers SOS website gives young fans of the series the opportunity to search for the mysterious Jar Dwellers. By visiting their favorite heroes’ natural habitats, meeting fun characters and carrying out various missions, they will learn all about the Jar Dwellers’ characteristics and their personalities in order to find them.


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29 ième Gala Des Prix Gémeaux



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