Documentary series



Indigenous peoples worldwide share an important connection. Belonging to over 5,000 different groups spread across 90 countries, they make up over 5% of the world’s population. These 370 million individuals are young, dynamic and alive. Some of them have risen from the ranks to defend the right to preserve their culture, language, spirituality and traditions. They aim to use a modern approach to restore and revitalize their cultural heritage while respecting the legacy of their ancestors. Accompanied by Cree musician Pakesso Mukash, this series goes to meet a young generation attempting to redefine the world of Aboriginal peoples in order to hear what they have to say.


13 X 30 minutes


APTN, Knowledge Network


Éli Laliberté, Steven Martin



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The Konnected.tv website lets people from all walks of life get together to discuss anything and everything related to Aboriginal peoples. This online meeting place gives Internet users the opportunity to share photos, videos, texts or hyperlinks associated with different Indigenous communities across the globe. Combining tradition with modern technology, the website aims to nurture a connection between individuals from various Aboriginal groups and let them share what interests and affects them so that they can inspire others.