Faut en parler

Documentary series



Some matters can be shocking, unsettling, or indeed touching, yet they remain virtually unknown to the public. To discover them, you have to go beyond the headlines and take a curious look that dares to delve deeper into the world around us. These questions of society offer food for thought for us to improve the society in which we live or to simply be inspired.

Faut en parler is a documentary collection that presents amazing stories that are so compelling that they could have been stand-alone films. They have been compiled in a series of social enquiries that will incite the concerned viewer to gain a better understanding and knowledge of the universe around us. In a nutshell: an eye-opening documentary series presenting social content whose originality, strength and pertinence will get people talking.


6 X 60 minutes


Télé-Québec, RDI


Karina Marceau, Karina Goma, Nicolas Lévesque and Thomas Rinfret



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The Faut en parler website was inspired by the various topics examined in the series, and was set up with the intention of further sparking debate and putting the public in the hot seat. By visiting the website, users can improve their knowledge and understanding of a given subject, they also have the opportunity to give their opinion, see how the public feels about the same topic, and demystify ideas. In short, now it’s their turn to express themselves and “talk about it”.