Chartrand - Le malcommode




Chartrand - Le malcommode is a biography of the unionist Michel Chartrand. It is the story of a man who made a life-long vow to defend social justice and to make this cause one of our society’s main priorities. Chartrand - Le malcommode will trace the life of this political figure, giving an account of his considerable influence on people coming from different backgrounds such as Gilles Vigneault, Luc Picard, Francine Lalonde or Françoise David.

Chartrand - Le malcommode also tells a story a fight for freedom of expression. The words justice and indignation are at the heart of Chartrand’s life. Injustice made him angry, and this anger made him speak out. The cynicism and the demagogy of the bosses inspired him to use his oratorical qualities in public speeches, which ensured his popular success.

Finally, Chartrand - Le malcommode is the point of view of an author who wonders what remains today of labour movements and forgotten stakes. The film-maker asks what has become of left-wing politics, with its truncheon blows, massive meetings, and loudmouth chiefs.Is it that the claims of the past were so well heard that they are now groundless or is it that the revolutionaries have lost the battle? And after all those struggles, all those fights, what was it actually worth it?


1 X 90 minutes, 2 X 45 minutes


Télé-Québec, RDI


Manuel Foglia




Chartrand - Le Malcommode