A busy year!


The entire team at Groupe PVP would like to wish you all a very happy new year! For our part, we’ll be kept busy over the next few months with a string of exciting projects!

In the meantime, the new year begins with the launch of two our latest productions:

From January 6, don’t miss the broadcast of a brand new season of our documentary series Des Camions et des Hommes. The first episode, entitled “Ultra-urban deliveries”, takes viewers to India and the Philippines. The series is broadcast every Tuesday at 9 PM on TV5.

On January 14, the third season of TV magazine Océania will also get underway, at 9 PM on ICI Explora. In the first episode, scientific researcher Pierre Béland reminds us of our great responsibility to protect the beluga whales of the St. Lawrence River. Next, we’ll travel across the Seine with a female captain and sailing enthusiast and lastly, we’ll witness the discovery of a very important shipwreck: that of the HMS Victoria, which sank off the coast of Lebanon in the 19th century.

Join us on our travels!